If you are into volleyball, you probably have heard about Dennise Michelle Lazaro or Denden Lazaro on one of the games of the Ateneo Lady Eagle. The team won the crown on the latest UAAP women’s volleyball.  Despite a sprain Denden suffered on game two of the finals, she still managed to fight for her team up to the end. Well, let’s get to know about this unsung hero of Ateneo Lady Eagles.

Dennise was the “libero” of the team who was a BS Biology student of Ateneo de Manila University. There were interesting facts published online about Dennise talking about her favorite street food which is fishball, her favorite subject in grade school which is Science, celebrity crush who is Adam Levine, and many more.

Dennise Michelle Lazaro Biography

Dennise’s height is 5’5” and her weight is 115 lbs. Because of having not just excellent skills in playing volleyball but also good looks, Dennise increased in the number of fans. She has so many followers in Twitter and Facebook and there are so many uploaded video tributes for her in Youtube as well.

She played with other Ateneo players like Allysa Valdez, Gretchen Ho, Ma. Gizelle Jessica Tan, Mary Mae Tajima, Angeline Marie Gervacio,  and many more. Being popular has its prize. The fact is there was this issue about her bashers in Twitter who was commenting something bad about her. The good thing about Dennise is that she is still focused on what she is supposed to be doing rather than spending time with them, though she also reacted on them.

Dennise is one of the reasons why they won the game against De La Salle that is why she is considered an unsung hero. If you would like to know here more and watch some of the video clips of her games, you can search in Youtube.

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