The 3rd group in the competition was composed of Marian, Darlene and Karla. This group was the youngest among the participants and probably the group where Lea enjoyed the most. The three called their team as “Team Kul” which means Team Kulangot that made Coach Lea laugh out loud.

They were interviewed about their inspirations in joining and majority of them mentioned their families. Since the three will be performing “Firework” which is a very powerful song, they needed to go have an exercise in order to condition their body, especially their lungs. Because of this, they jogged and breathe in and out. The three really enjoyed their sessions.

Darlene Won Over Marian and Karla on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

During the performance, the three took a post at the limelight and then Mariane started the signing followed by Darlene and then Karla was the last. It was a very powerful performance for the three despite the fact that they were the youngest and the smallest. They have proven that it is not the height and age that matters, but the performance.

After their performance, the three coaches gave their evaluation. Coach Bamboo was impressed with Darlene’s energy and voice and that made him decide to pick her. Coach Sarah said that they were like fireworks in front. She picked Darlene due to the fact that she was impressed of her performance that even though she was moving a lot, her voice didn’t change and the energy was there.

Coach Lea had a hard time choosing who among the three will advance. In the end, she picked Darlene. On the stage, the three kids cried as they went back to their families. Darlene did a great job and she was crying a lot while on the arms of her family. Congratulations Darlene in winning The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines, you did it!

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