The elimination round for the group of three has ended and six of the kids from Team Lea competed for the sing-off wherein only two will advance to the next round which is the live semi-finals and they will be chosen none other than Coach Lea herself. Each of the kids will sing a particular piece and they will have to convince their coach to pick them. As an overview of their performances, here are the kids.

After the six kids finished performing, they were instructed to gather at the stage. There they were evaluated based on their performances. The decisions would come from their coach Lea but the two coaches were also given the chance to speak about their choices.

Darlene and Ton-Ton Advance to the Live Semi-Finals from Team Lea on The Voice Kids Philippines
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The first one who performed was Ton-Ton. He sang “It Will Rain” and at the beginning of the song, Coach Lea was immediately had the chills. Sarah commented on his performance and she said that she admired Ton-Ton’s positivity in aura and talent that made his performance excellent. Coach Lea said that he performed beautifully without shouting, just pure voice.

 Angel’s dream is to become an engineer someday. And here she is showing her talent on the stage performing “I Believe I Can Fly” on her own version. Angel sang incredibly beautiful and the three coaches reacted on their seats. Bamboo said that she sang as if she needed to win and that was she. Coach Lea said that she liked her performance of high and loud but not shouting, only pure voice.

Eufritz, as far as what we can remember, took a not so easy road in training   As a result of her endeavor she made it to the sing-off. Bamboo noticed her hard time with the verses but she managed to do it well as the performance progressed. She performed “Who You Are” with a very good voice. Coach Lea said that Eufritz is such a shy girl.

The fourth kid who performed was Darlene and she really gave her best in the competition by  making the audience scream out loud. Darlene performed “And I Am Telling You” wherein she has shown confident that impressed the coaches.  Sarah appreciated what she has done and her coach also did. Coach Lea said that there was an old man inside of her looking at her performance. Darlene received a standing ovation from the audience.

Shane’s ultimate goal is for the medication of her grandmother with heart disease. She performed “On My Own” wherein she performed beautifully. The song was interpreted by no other than her coach Miss Lea Salonga herself. Sarah was moved by her emotion it was convincing. She also said that Shane has a good future being a stage actress someday. Lea appreciated Shane’s very clean and very good performance.

Jimboy lives a simple life and he would like to win so that his father will not farm anymore. He performed “Unchained Melody” and reached high notes. After the performance, Bamboo said that he has the package and that’s what he liked the most. Coach Lea said that he performed well, easily, and effortless despite the fact that he was singing high notes.

Coach Sarah picked Ton- Ton and Darlene while Coach Bamboo chose Darlene and Angel. The moment of truth has come and Coach Lea will give her final choice for the two who will advance to the semi-finals. Coach Lea chose Darlene first and then Ton-Ton. The two kids were emotional and Coach Lea hugged them on the stage.

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