Daniel Padilla aside from acting is also a good singer, in fact, he has a band. He has a new single entitled “Unlimited and Free” which is a bubbly song about love. The song made its premiere in PBB All In when Daniel Padilla and his love team Kathryn Bernardo visited the house. There, Daniel bonded with the housemates together with Kathryn who also settled her issue with one of the housemates, Jane Oineza.

In Youtube, the official video of Unlimited and Free is already uploaded with Danile singing the song with animations. It is a very simple video with him and inside a certain studio recording the song. You will surely love listening to Daniel Padilla’s voice.

Daniel Padilla’s Unlimited and Free Single

There is also a version of his song with the housemates and Kathryn Bernardo. It was shot inside the PBB House. Daniel’s Unlimited and Free is for those who have given him unlimited love since he started his career. This was said by him during a MYX interview.

Daniel Pa has received several awards all throughout his career and has also appeared in so many television  shows and movies. This is something that he is thankful of aside from the fame that he received for being Kathryn Bernardo’s love team and they are called “KathNiel” by fans. Truly, Daniel is so famous nowadays.

The good thing about this song from the “She’s Dating the Gangster” actor is that it can be downloaded through ABS-CBN mobile for free. The fans will surely be happy about this news.

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