Becoming famous nowadays is not just possible for those who are either talented, distinct, scandalous or kindhearted. But this time, Cheridel is different from them due to the fact that a single video that was shot during her normal working days as an elevator girl in one of SM Supermarket’s branches, and uploaded in Youtube, she instantly became famous. In fact, her video got, more than 700,000 views in less than a week.

Looking at her life, Cheridel is a very ordinary person with a good and cheerful heart. Cheridel has so many experiences in works. She became a saleslady in Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao, a break-time releaver in restroom and elevator girl at SM Olongapo where she became famous.

According to a report, long before she was discovered inside the elevator, she was already a celebrity on her own way in her working area. What she always does is singing inside the comfort room, while moping, etc. This has influenced other workers including customers that made them notice her. She is very energetic, cheerful and accommodating that there are so many co-workers who love her.

After the video was published, there were so many blessings that Cheridel received including recognition, promotions from the company that she is working, and increase in fans. Cheridel since childhood dreamt of going to Japan to sing in order to help her family but she was surprised that her talent was shared to people in the elevator and comfort room of the company where she is working.

What Cheridel Alejandrino did when a video was taken inside the elevator was discussing and describing to the passengers of the elevator about what to expect the moment they will arrive at a certain floor of the building. Her confident, enthusiasm and cheerfulness made one of the passengers interested with taking a video of her. Cheridel is called the 'Elevator Girl' and currently inside Pinoy Big Brother house as housemate in PBB All In Edition 2014.

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