Manila, Philippines – Askal’s dream of winning the Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup in order to advance to the 2015 Asian Cup in Australia was shattered by Palestine. Despite experiencing loss, the Askals performance was also historical for the country due to the fact that it was the highest place any Filipino football team has reached in the Challenge Cup. 1 – 0 was the score for the victory of Palestinians. It was Ashraf Alfawaghra’s free kick in the 58th minute that made the Palestinians score in order for them to enjoy the victory. The said event was held in National Stadium in Male, Maldives on Friday night.

On the game proper, the first half of it was for the Palestinians to enjoy ball possessions. Abdelhamid Abuhabib or Palestine was given several chances to score but through Rolan Mueller, the ball was tipped out. One of the scenarios of the game was a yellow card was given to Dan Palami, the team manager of the Askals. He was then asked afterwards to leave the technical area. Younghusband’s movement was limited by the Palestinians despite the fact that he had several chances of scoring.

Azkal’s Dream was Shattered (defeated) by Palestine

In the group stage of the Azkals, they have defeated Laos and Turkmenistan and drew with Afghanistan. The Azkals were almost there for they also defeated Maldives 3-2. Maldives is the host of this year’s cup. After defeating Maldives, the Azkals advanced to the finals facing Palestine where they experienced defeat but with a nice game. It was a shattering defeat for the Azkals.

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