The next group who competed was composed of Angel, Giedie and Grace. The three were considered the best in Team Lea since during the Blind Audition they made the three coaches turn their chairs. Coach Lea reminded them to avoid “bakbakan” which means too much competition. She also reminded them that the reason they were on the stage is because they have to entertain the viewers and that should be their goal.

During the training and rehearsal, Lea had a problem on the three with regards to their performance and she needed to spend time making things work. This has tested Coach Lea’s patience and made her say “If this turns out bad, I will tell you and I will not hesitate telling this to other people.”

Angel Won Over Giedie and Grace on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines

On the performance proper, the three performed “When You Believe” that really tested their singing skills and ability to balance notes since they needed to blend their voices. Grace started singing the song, followed by Giedie and lastly, Angel. The performance of the three was great along with the blending of their voices.

When they finished singing, Coach Sarah started picking her choice and she gave it to Angel because she was inspired by how the kid sang. Coach Bamboo picked Giedie with the brilliant voice. In the end, it was Angel who made it to the competition since Coach Lea picked her. The reason why Coach Lea picked Angel is because it was Angel who pushed the hardest despite the fact that she was not feeling well that time.

Angel did not make her condition an alibi, instead she did her best and eventually she succeeded. Angel winning on The Sing-offs for The Voice Kids Philippines is an inspiration to those who would like to do the same thing. Well, life isn’t good always, but we can do our best to make it better.

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