Mars Ravelo’s Darna will once again appear in the big screen as Angel Locsin will star in the 2014 version of the Darna movie. There are so many versions of the movie already in the past not to mention the television shows of the same character. And Darna is never too old to become famous again.

The movie is produced by Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment. It is also distributed by Star Cinema in tagalog form. Looking at Angel Locsin, she already portrayed “Darna” in 2005. And right now, the director of the movie is Erik Matti.

Angel Locsin Stars in Darna Movie 2014

Angel Locsin said that “Darna” is a movie that the Filipinos can be proud of since it is world-class when it will open. Angel also expressed her respect with Darna that is why she would do her best to portray the character well.

In history, there are so many stars who already portrayed Darna such as Vilma Santos, Anjanette Abayari, and many more. And this time, we will be able to see how Darna will look like in 2014.

Schedule of release for Darna is to be announced. Let us watch Darna fly again in this age of modernization and technology as Angel Locsin will once again wear the costume that she wore in 2005. This is another innovation in films that we should look forward too. Well, Angel did a great job in her last wearing of the costume and it’s a kind of exciting to watch her in the movie.

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