Allina Malaiba is a 14-year-old kid from Batangas who performed “Somewhere" (There’s a Place for Us) which is a classic song by Barbara Streisand and various artists. Allina’s version is captivating to the soul since it was more of theatre type. Speaking about theatre, it was Lea’s genre for being with Miss Saigon and she also appeared on different theatre performances. This time, Lea did not turn her chair, probably because she was looking for something that will touch her soul or she knew very well how to sing theatre songs.

One of the qualities of Allina is being shy. In fact, her mother told a story about her hiding at her back whenever someone is asking about her name. Allina overcame her shyness once she was already in the limelight singing a song with high note and she did it well.

Allina Malaiba 'Somewhere' on The Voice Kids Blind Audition

When she was asked about her feelings singing in front of the coaches, she said that she felt no one will turn his chair but luckily, coach Bamboo turned his chair on the last seconds of their performance. Because of that, Allina was included to Camp Kawayan and Bamboo was very proud of her.

Allina from Batangas is now ready to face the challenges of the real competition under Camp Kawayan’s training and we can expect for more high pitch performance in a few weeks when the three coaches finally completed their list of kids. Will Allina make it? It’s up to you know. Keep watching The Voice Kids.

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