There are so many hoax news that spread in the country today and the target victims are famous people like celebrities (Like Claudine Barretto's Hoax) and other personalities. This is true with the situation of Senator Bong Revilla Jr. who was put to detention cell for the alleged plunder case filed against him. There was a dramatic entry to the jail by the senator and right now, a hoax news (fake news) about his suicide attempt spread online.

Normally, hoax news spread online through social networking sites and the most common place is Facebook. The hoax news also has its title and details saying that he fired a gun on himself after being convicted for the Pork Barrel Scam issue. An epitaph saying R.I.P Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. 1966 – 2014 and carrying the Rappler and ABS-CBN logo became viral online.
Screenshot courtesy of Pinoy Juander
This is an old scheme in social networking sites and we should be aware of this. The veracity of the news should be checked in trusted news websites online if you would like to confirm if someone really died. There are online money makers out there who would like to profit from this that is why they are trying to create fake news to gather visitors. These are baits.

In some cases, there are fake news also with links that carry malicious content and viruses and you should be aware of them. Before you click on a certain post, be sure to check this very well. Ask someone you know.

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