A 5-year-old child made a spoof of Disney’s “Frozen” on a 30-second video. The video spread immediately and became viral online. In the video, Shawn was singing about a Filipino food called “suman” (rice cake) while holding a bowl of it and returning to her mother Cheena. This is one implication of a success of the movie by Disney with so many versions uploaded online but this one is different because this is a “spoof” by a 5-year-old kid.

Aside from “Frozen”, Shawn also made a spoof about “Amalayer” in 2012 along with her other videos uploaded online.  You can reach Cheen on here Official Instagram account, Cheen facebook page is and Cheen twitter account online.


You will surely enjoy this kid dancing, singing and acting on video. Her mother once co-starred with Anne Curtis in “Kampanerang Kuba” way back in 2004. The family of Cheena is already based in San Francisco, California but once the video was uploaded and Shawn became known to many Filipinos, she was instantly noticed.

Shawn’s own version of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman is a proof that the movie is really influential especially to the minds of the kids of this generation. It also depicts how fast is her thinking and how confident is she in front of the camera.

You can watch Shawn’s other videos if you want to make your day. Well, kids have therapeutic effect on older ones when they start singing, dancing and do some cool stuff. And for this one, it has proven that becoming famous sometimes does not take a long time. It can happen instantly.

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