As far as we can remember, there was already a press release that was published in CenterTechNews about the movie 1ST KO SI 3RD and if you are an avid reader of this blog, you might have encountered in any possible ways the article that was published. This movie will be competing in the 10th Cinemalaya Film Festival on August 1 – 10 in CCP and Ayala Malls. Show your support to this film if you like it, but first, you better watch the trailer first so that you will know what to expect from the movie.

Real S. Florido is the director of the movie and this is something that we need to check out. Looking at the plot of the movie, it is about a 65-year-old woman who finally had the chance to meet again with her 1st love after retirement. Their last meeting was 5 decades ago. The entire movie revolves around the preparation of the old woman portrayed by Nova Villa and her brainstorming on whether she will give into love or not, or if she will believe “true love never dies” or not.

1ST KO SI 3RD Initial Movie Review

The movie has its own Official Facebook Page that you can visit for more info on the movie. 1ST KO SI 3RD will surely make you laugh out loud and learn lessons as well. This movie is for those who are on the shoes of Nova Villa portraying a certain character in the movie.

Another expectation from the movie is that aside from learning a lot of lessons, we will be able to see our culture and way of life along with what is happening in our society nowadays since there are situations in real life that are similar to the plot of the movie. Of course, expect to have twists in the movie.

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