Manila, Philippines - From being speechless, ZsaZsa Padilla has finally aired her opinions regarding the newest issue about her relationship with an architect named Conrad Onglao. It creates a burning issue to the public about her quick decision in jumping into a relationship after she and Onglao exposed their special romantic feelings. It leads to the question how did she move on quick after the Comedy King Dolphy passed away.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News on Sunday, Padilla said that someone has to grieve but after that nobody knows. She gave an example about a friend who lost a boyfriend and found her husband to be after a year.

ZsaZsa Padilla Falling in Love is Something that She Don’t Plan Ahead

She emphasized that falling in love with Onglao was not something she set in mind. She stressed that you could not do something if your soul mate crossed your path. She added that she was not getting any younger. She felt extremely blessed that Atchitect Conrad came into the picture after her struggles.

Before that she agreed to date with Onglao to cut her mourning. She was happy that Dophy’s children were never against this issue.

Eric Quizon quoted that he and ZsaZSa were good friends. It would remain the same after his brother had gone. He expressed his support to ZsaZsa.  While ZsaZsahold so much gratitude to her new found love, she was hopeful that Onglao would be the man who would love her children as much as she did.

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