They have known each other for 5 years and then separated. Though this is so, It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda wishes the best for his ex boyfriend. In fact during an interview at the Buzz he narrated everything on how they met until they parted. And the best thing about this is probably the strongest statement that Vice has uttered after they have gone separate ways: “We are separated but we are never apart.”

According to Vice, his ex boyfriend was a basketball player, though he did not mention his name and his identity was kept secret for several years. There was this instance when Vice watched his game. According to Vice he was such a good player. They became friends until such time that the guy came to watch It’s Showtime and he liked Vice. Their feelings for each other went to the next level.

Vice Ganda Split Up With His Boyfriend

Though it is sad and painful, Vice wishes him the best in life. He wants him to have a wife and children and to become successful in the future. Vice will keep on clapping his hands upon the success of this guy because he believed that the guy was so nice.

The guy has so many plans in life and Vice would like him to achieve those plans. Vice would like him to travel to many places and meet and know many people. Though they have separated, Vice is still happy that they are still best friends. Breaking-up can be painful but it takes a positive attitude to overcome it.

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