Manila, Philippines- Vice Ganda affirmed that he received a call from Terrence Romeo to clear the clouds between their issues of having special affair. It started since Terrence’s popularity as a player in the UAAP for Far Eastern Universuty Tamaraws which was avidly supported by Vice as a graduate of FEU. 

During the interview with “The Buzz”, aired on Sunday, Vice Ganda admitted that Romeo called to give his apology for what he said during his interview with He felt sorry for Terrence because he personally heard the podcast and found out that the young guy got played by the interviewer. He answered back that he didn’t believe in anything he said was true. It was scripted and he was pressured.

Vice Ganda Confirm that he and Terrence Romeo Were Never Together

In, Romeo expressed that the rumor tarnished his reputation and he wanted it to come to a stop. He was begging to stop spreading the lies. He wished that they would not create things that weren’t true. They should have minded their own matters.

Vice gave the public a sign when he posted “It is over” on twitter last May 9. Another tweet was telling that he TRied but he was too TiRed and he would like To Rest. Vice’s avid fan made issue on his way of capitalizing the letters. They concluded that it was Terrence Romeo’s initials.

He strongly denied the issue. He said they were never together. He added that he would never hurt the family of Terrence specially that there were allegations that he has given them a condominium unit and a car. The more he denies his name the worse the situation would become for the loss of Terrence image.

He cried so hard but was trying to give his best smile. He said in Showtime that he was smiling because he was happy but now was different. He was smiling because he was strong.

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