The Legal Wife depicts several realities in our daily lives. As an individual, you will get to see a certain angle of your life situation on the scenes of Nicole, Monica and Adrian. This past week, the scenes were too hot to handle as Nicole went back to Adrian telling him that it’s him and it’s not the money that she needs. Adrian is about to fix her relationship with Monica and he said that he will support the child. When Adrian was about to go, Nicole hugged him at the back emotionally until she felt a blood running between her legs that caused Adrian to rush her to the hospital.

Monica called Adrian reminding him about their flight in Canada that they will be late. Adrian explains everything that happened to Nicole. Right then, Monica went to the hospital only to see Adrian hovering over Nicole that made her upset.

The Legal Wife Scene Highlights; flight in Canada, sabunutan, Pamilya Kami! Pamilya Kami, Monica threw books to Adrian

Monica asked Adrian if he loves Nicole and Adrian answered that he loves Monica. There was a feeling of anxiety in the eyes of Monica. What Monica did was she went back to her parents telling them that the flight to Canada has been cancelled and there is no hope for her to bright back her family.

It was a very emotional moment for Monica. The day before, the episode was the “sabunutan” moment between Monica and Nicole. That time, Monica unleashed her anger and slapped Nicole saying “Pamilya Kami! Pamilya Kami.” Monica continued fighting Nicole but Nicole did not fight back. She followed her upstairs until Nicole confessed that she was pregnant with Adrian’s child. Monica stopped. Nicole fainted and she was rushed to the hospital by Rowena.

Monica waited for Adrian to go home and when Adrian arrived, Monica threw books at him. That night Monica did not allow Adrian to sleep beside her. She did not even let Adrian explain even a bit. With the said scenarios, the netizens had a very good reaction on the scenes through the writers of the said drama series.

Those who have already their family and facing this kind of situation can relate that is why the facebook was flooded with appreciation for the good story line of The Legal Wife. Looking at the three main characters, the twist is there and there are so many things to look forward to that we should not miss now that it is about to end.

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