Now that things are becoming tougher for Monica, Nicole and Adrian, and we have watched the scenes on how each of them fought for their happiness, what could possibly be the ending of The Legal Wife? As announced during the latest episodes that "The Legal Wife" will end on 3 weeks time, probably before June 2014 ends.. Well, if you are not new to watching this drama series, you could probably have conceived in your mind the kind of ending that you want. But of course, there will always be surprises in the end and the ending could be approved or not approved by the viewers. It is like saying that they are happy with the ending or not. Now, what do you think will be the ending? Let’s see.

First option would be Monica and Adrian will go to Canada and rebuild their family together. We have known from the previous episode that it was cancelled due to something that happened to Nicole that made Adrian rush her to hospital. It is possible that the couple will got to Canada and build family together despite Nicole’s disapproval.

what could possibly be the ending of The Legal Wife?

Second, if the writers permit, there might be death that will happen that will make any of them (Monica or Nicole) to stay with Adrian. This is a sad ending though.

Third, Adrian will go to Nichole and will realize that he is happy with her. The viewers will not like this ending except for those who are in favor of Adrian and Nichole’s relationship. Well, what will happen  if we will find out that Nichole is the legal wife? Hmmm..

Fourth.. you can put your own.

Well, the ending of The Legal Wife is the conclusion of everything from the creative minds of the writers. No matter what the ending is, we will always be glad that something quality like this happened to be aired in the television. We will always look forward for more good shows from ABS-CBN.

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