“Spiderman” star James Franco is the talk-of-the town nowadays with his scandalous photo that spread on the internet with the use of social media called Instagram. On his account, the actor posted a photo, something scandalous and it was a selfie. The said photo was posted on his account and it instantly became viral though it was already deleted. And though it was already deleted, there are those who have downloaded the said photo and reproduced it that spread using other social medias as well. Now, the photo is on its increasing circulation.

The date when the said photo was uploaded is on Thursday night, May 1, 2014 at 11:28 PM ET. The photo shows Franco pulling down his underwear in front of a mirror and it was shared to different people online. The followers were able to download the picture and saved a copy of it that is why it still became viral. There were several issues about the actor when it comes to selfies and he is regarded as addicted to such activities. There was even a report about an alleged April fool’s day prank about his conversation on a 17-year old fan about their meet up that became controversial.

“Spiderman” Star James Franco’s Scandalous Photo JUMP ROPE Selfie

JUMP ROPE was the caption of the photo and many netizens are wondering what is the meaning of that and only Franco knows. We know him as an American actor, director, scriptwriter, producer, author, teacher and many more. It only shows that James is really a talented one gifted in doing a lot of things and he makes them his professions. At the age of 36 he has already achieved a lot of things and successful in its truest essence.

What do you think is the purpose of his posing his photo in his Instagram account? Well, we will know in the near future. Let us be updated with the news. Keep reading this blog.

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