This is something horrible that you might not want to open your eyes to see the body of a 23-year-old Filipina maid in Saudi. The images of the ill maid scattered instantly in social networking sites and have reached the awareness of netizens and different forms of media and it was because her cousin posted it on Friday.

The maid is already now under the care of the Philippine embassy. According to reports, the one who poured the boiling water to the maid was the mother of the employer. The issue was the maid was not quick enough to respond to the request of the mother and that made her angry. The Filipina maid was only two months and she experienced this sad incident.

Employer from Saudi Poured Boiling Water in the Body of a Filipina Maid

According to her, she was also beaten up by her male employer while she was just 5 days and was not given foods to eat. The maid was really in excruciating pain since she was not brought to the hospital immediately after the incident. Instead, she was only brought to the hospital 6 hours after the water was poured to her body.

And you thought it was over, well, the maid after being taken to the hospital, when she went home, she still managed to work for the employer.  Imagine working while in this kind of situation. It was really a terrible persecution for the poor Filipina maid who wished to have a good salary that is why she managed to take her luck abroad.

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