2NE1’s Sandara Park entered the PBB house on Thursday. The said plan of entry was confirmed earlier that brought excitement to her Filipino fans.. We have known Sandara to be one of ABS-CBN’s talents in Star Circle Quest and she captivated the hearts of Filipino people through her charming and innocent Korean beauty. Sandara had several shows and movies during her stay in the country until she decided to go back to her native land.

Sandara’s being a houseguest in Pinoy Big Brother All In became viral in social networking sites and it was also confirmed by her group. Sandara’s purpose of going to the Philippines is not just to visit the PBB House but also to have a concert on May 17, 2014 at Mall of Asia Arena. She also became a guest in PBB All In Uber where she was interviewed by hosts Robi, Bianca and John.

Sandara Park @krungy21 Entered PBB House All In Edition

The news about Sandara’s visitation in PBB House was updated to the public by the official PBB All In Twitter account saying

SI @krungy21 LIVE NA LIVE SA UBER THIS THURSDAY! #uberNOBELA “ and it was re-tweeted 231 times.

Going back to the history of Sandara in the country, she was first partnered with Hero Angeles and their love team became famous with the term  ”krung krung” that was used by her in several shows and movies. She was loved then by the Filipinos because of her distinct Korean accent. At this point in time, Sandara is still busy dealing with the housemates and we will updated soon on this blog regarding the happenings inside the house with Sandara as the visitor.

Well, there are so many expectations and speculations on what could possibly happen inside that is why it is important to watch PBB All In @ ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. Sandara is in! Be updated in daily events inside Pinoy Big Brother house here

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