Filipino people are incredibly fond of watching series on TV specially drama. Presently they are going crazy with The Legal Wife which stirred mixed emotions among men and women as it tackles family relationship and the challenges in marriage. But that’s not all. Still, there is another one coming: so promising and full of twists as they say.

A new teleseries will air in ABS-CBN in June 16, 2014 entitled “SANA BUKAS PA ANG KAHAPON” starring a young actress Bea Alonso who plays three different characters which aren’t even sisters or triplets. Emmanuelle is a headstrong and steely lawyer and Rose, a woman mistakenly accused by a crime she didn’t commit are the two introductory roles.

Sana Bukas Pa AngKahapon: The Next on ABS-CBN Teleserie Spotlight

The third one emerged from the fusion of the two characters. She is totally different, adamant and fiercely changed. The story revolves between rivals in business resulting in conflicts that made the story even exciting.

In an interview she expressed how she felt towards the upcoming series. She said that she was full of tense but for her life would never be happy if always calm. What made her say like that was because she would be working with popular stars like Paulo Avelino, Albert Martinez, Dina Bonnevie, Maricar Reyes, Susan Roces, Anita Linda and Eddie Garcia. She has considered it her most challenging project so far.

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