Digital Lifestyle Gadget, a new segment of Philteq was launched and it will surely be loved and patronized by techie people starting May 6, 2014. The event was held for the sole purpose of providing for the demand of this generation when it comes to gadgets. This segment launched by Philteq has four sub-segments namely Cannice Bluetooth headsets, Doss Bluetooth speakers, Hoomia headsets and headphones, and the Powerocks powerbanks. Times are changing so far and the demand for gadgets is very high and this is in connection to how people love technology nowadays.

Philteq is dedicated to bringing products that are of high quality that will surely satisfy customers. It understands the need for partnership with others that is why it connected with Hoomia, Cannice, Doss and Powerocks.

PHILTEQ Press Launch Review: New Digital Lifestyle Gadgets Available at Leading 3C Stores Nationwide May 6, 2014

PHILTEQ Interprise INC. Accessories Company Overviews

The products that were introduced by these sub-segments are enough to provide for the needs of those who are fond of using gadgets for the sake of enjoyment, lifestyle and hobby. If you are into this, you will surely love what Philteq is doing. From simple to high end products, Philteq can provide you with those.
Philteq CEO
Nothing could beat innovation as long as it is for the sake of providing for the needs of this generation. We live in an era wherein we need these gadgets to enjoy life. No matter what lifestyle you are into, Philteq is here to give you the things that you need for your gadget. You must be aware of this growing company that might be hidden in the eyes of many but became popular to those who have known Philteq for years.
Francis Karamihan, Product Manager of digital lifestyle gadgets for Philteq
Francis Karamihan, Product Manager of digital lifestyle gadgets for Philteq said that “The Philippines boasts a very young market, a generation of discerning, mobile, and independent consumers.” He also added “ We want to bring them only the latest and value-driven products that they could rely on as they follow their passion and create memories of their own.” And it speaks about the reputation and intention of Philteq.

Karamihan also assured everyone about the steps that Philteq will take in order for the products to be available in the market and will surely reach out to different people with different tastes of gadget. A powerful statement came from him “It is important for us to educate the public that there are increasing choices of digital products that suit their taste and works really without spending too much.” And this is truly a good news to everyone.
PHILTEQ Interprise INC. Accessories Company Press Launch Overviews May 6, 2014
As it was mentioned above, there are four sources of Philteq’s products and they are namely Hoomia, Cannice, Doss and Powerocks. Each of these also had a press release and it happened as part of the Digital Lifestyle Gadget segment.

To further understand what these sub-segments are all about, here they are:

Philteq - Hoomia Overview
1. Hoomia. Their product as part of the segment are high quality headphones. On the press release that took place on May 6, 2014, “Hoomia believes that humming to one’s favorite sound is a feast for the soul and mind.” This is the reason why Hoomia headphones were made which can bring someone a feeling of nostalgia and nature that will definetly bring eargasm to everyone.  With regards to the backgrond of Hoomia, this is a Taiwanese acoustic brand which means “the good stuff” established in 2009 by a group of excellent designers and engineers. You can visit Hoomia’s official website at Featured below are some of Hoomia’s products mentioned on the press release.

Hoomia Bon5 Review
Hoomia Bon5 – This earphone is one of the popular products of Hoomia made in saffron pear, ebony, maple and bamboo. This headset blends with nature and its metallic luster of aluminum when it comes to quality is a winner of 2012 Golden Pin Design Award. Hoomia Bon5 is one of the best products of Hoomia with regards to headphones.

Hoomia Bon9 Review
Hoomia Bon9 – If you are nostalgic with the old telephone design, another product that was introduced during the press release is Hoomia Bon9. Looking at its design, it really looks like the old telephone. This gadget is good in terms of treble, vocal performance and noise reduction. It has pure tones and rich sound for clarity’s sake.

Philteq - Cannice Overview
2. Cannice. Another part of the four sub-segments of Philteq’s segment is Cannice. Cannice is dedicated to providing Bluetooth headset products. This is due to the demand of this generation of the use of this technology. Cannice products are made for the sake of laidback listeners. Another Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronic products(3C) are the main focus of Cannice and it was establised in 2005. Its official sitei s To give you a deeper view of the products, here they are :

Cannice Muses1
Muses1 – It uses bluetooth 4.0 and it is excellent when it comes to audio technology. It has 6G CVC noise reduction and smart voice alerts. Another feature of Muses1 is that its iOS displays headset power meter. Its talktime hours is 7 hours and can stand playing music up to 7 hours also. It has a standby time of 300 hours and wireless range of 10m.

Muses2 – The good thing about this product is that this is sweat proof and uses bluetooth 4.0. It can stand up to 20 hours before charging again and with smart voice alerts. If you are looking forward to incoming calls, it will prompt you with vibrations. It has talktime of 20 hours and standby time of 300 hours. It has CVC noise reduction and can detect signals up to 10m.

Philteq - DOSS Overview
3. DOSS. The third sub-segment of Philteq’s event is Doss. DOSS means “Dream of Smart Sound.” When it comes to the products, Doss products have stayed in the mainstream market for 11 years already providing customers from Europe and US with different retail products. Doss’ products are widespread and it can be found in different stores such as Apple Store and large supermarkets. Counting all the consumers of these products, there is a record of 60 milllion alredy from 2004 – 2012. On the press release of Doss, Doss 1178 Bluetooth Wireless 3D surround stereo speakers for tablet computers and smartphones.

Doss 1156 Review
Doss 1156 – This is hands free and has long battery life. Another thing about Doss 1156 is that it has multiple peripheral connection which allows the user to connect on different angles. It has built – in dual speaker and with air bass technology for superior sound experience. Doss 1156 is excellent for sound purposes.

Asimom 3 DS-1189 Review
Asimom 3 DS-1189 – This is another product from Doss that is also hands free and with long battery life that can satisfy those who would like to make use of this for a longer time. It has Bluetooth A2DP which has an advantage in terms of pairing to other devices. One of its most wonderful features is that it can be chargec wirelessly.

Philteq -Powerocks Overview
4. Powerocks. With over 10 years of experience developing lithium ion battery products, Powerocks has already a name in the industry of high end power products and this is quite amazing. During the press release, Powerocks introduced the portability of its products. With Powerocks, things will get better, portable and usable. If you would like to visit the official site of Powerocks, you can go to

Powerocks Stone 3 7800 Review
Stone 3 7800 – It has the capacity to fully charge iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and various smart phones. Charging will only take 2 hours to complete. One of its best features is that this is very lightweight and it is very portable if you would like to carry it anywhere.

Powerocks Flash Magicstick Review
Powerocks Flash Magicstick – It was introduced with soft metallic colors and with regards to its power, it is ideal to those who are using power seriously. With its ability to be packed in the form of being light, Powerocks Flash Magicstick is truly oneo of the products that you would like to have from Powerocks.


Quality is important for Philteq and at the same time it is also concerned with the welfare of the people when it comes to spending too much money. Philteq would like to be part of each and everyone’s life in order for them to spend wisely and get their desired gadget for the lowest price. Philteq is truly an aswer to our gadget needs. You need to learn more about this company that has the desire to reach out to you in many ways. Praise to Philteq and its sub-segments!

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