This is the 9th day of the housemates inside the Pinoy Big Brother house and things are becoming a bit challenging for them. For the past days, we have seen them do their weekly tasks, some passed and some failed, as well as the result. On the 9th day, this is what happened.

Chips will be included in their lunch that is why Axel along with other male housemates prepared for it and it has something to do with the group’s lack of food – a very challenging situation for them. Michelle has a good idea and she asked Axel’s group that in order for them to save food, they should not eat the chips and he seconded the girl’s idea. The problem started after Axel stood up from the dining table and Alex asked the others to eat the chips. This didn’t sound good for Axel and he had this feeling of being left out that caused him to walk out. Alex and the others continued eating the chips however.

Axel then shared his emotions to others at the pool while Alex has chosen Fifth as her talk show co-host and she asked him regarding the kind of topic that they are going to discuss that has something to do with showbiz headline and he suggested the issue about the chips. Alex then asked Fifth about those who are involved in the issue and she even asked if she was involved or not. This gave way to discussion of the whole housemates about the topic. A confrontation then took place by Big Brother on Alex and Axel and Axel and Michele. In the end, Alex and Michelle apologized to Axel to solve the conflict.

Day 9 of PBB All In was full of conflict, emotion and ideas. Stay stuck for more updates on Pinoy Big Brother All In.

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