This is the 8th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother House and time is flying so fast. It was just yesterday when they entered the house being strangers and now they are becoming close to one another and so many things are yet to unfold to these housemates.

The living room of PBB house displayed selfies of the housemates. These selfies were taken while they were still outside of the PBB house. Aside from the selfies, there was also a roulette and a stage. The housemates were curious about what could happen this day and it has something to do with their second weekly task since this is already their second week of being inside the house.

The housemates’ goal is to take 3,000 selfies. This was the rule that was set by Big Brother for them to do. This is the purpose of the roulette. This will determine who among them will be able to do the selfie and be part of the task. The instruction is that the selfies will be taken by hand and on the stage.

This time, Michelle disregarded the rule and said that it is easier for them to take selfie on the stage without using their hands. Big Brother did not allow this and insisted that they should follow the rule and they should take this by hand.
Because some did not follow instructions, all selfies taken before the three entered the room were not counted. This is a test for them to follow instructions. The housemates are now moving forward to each of their tasks and who will be the first three to be nominated and evicted first in the PBB house? Well, this is something that we need to know that is why we need to know so keep watching PBB All In at ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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