Yesterday (day 6) , Aina was given a task of gathering the housemates in order to practice dance steps for the theme song “Pinoy Ako.” They spent times practicing for it since this will become part of their daily routine. And after a thorough practice and deliberation of steps and gathering of ideas of each housemate on what steps to add, it’s all done and they have to perform now.

The performance of the housemates was aired live on the 7th day of the  Pinoy Big Brother All In. As it was written yesterday, this will become part of their daily routine. There is a wrap-up of the weekly task results of the housemates and it was revealed to them. As a result, there was failure on the task because Fourth and Fifth did not make it to their task, in short they were not successful.

The highlight of this day, and this is probably what most people are looking forward to is the calling of Alex inside the confession room so that Big Brother could tell her about her status inside – being a housemate for good or temporarily. And the guess of many have come true and everything is clear and settled – Alex is not an official housemate, she is just a houseguest.

PBB All In Updates: Day 7 May 4, 2014, Alex is not an official housemate, she is just a houseguest

As part of her special task, she was given a microphone and we will know what will be the purpose of that microphone on her stay inside the house in the days to come. As far as we can remember, Alex shared her experiences and family situations inside the Big Brother House as well as her relationship with her sister Toni. Alex cried during that time and so was Toni.

This is what happened on the 7th day inside the PBB House and we can see a lot more of surprises and happenings so keep reading.

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