This is the 6th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother House and the excitement continues. Just like every ordinary days, the housemates would wake up with their wake-up call and do their morning routines: eat their breakfast, take a bath and others.

During this day, the housemates were called by Big Brother to the confession room telling them them about the removal of the two pies from the screen. This is in order for them to see the mistakes that they will commit. The housemates did what Big Brother told them to do. During this day also, the housemates are allowed to use the pool and that brought smiles to the faces of the housemates.

Aina was called by Big Brother to get in the confession room and was given a task of organizing the housemates in order to create dance steps for the PBB theme song “Pinoy Ako.” This is part of their weekly task and it has become a culture already inside the PBB house to create dance steps for the said theme song that has been revived for so many times. Actually, there is a new version of the song on every season.

Aina is a talented dancer that is why she is tasked to do so. She is also a dance instructor for children and that qualified her to do the task. The housemates should see to it that they will be able to comply with the task given to them that will carry out their entire tasks for the week. After the practice of the housemates on the said dance steps, they will be able to perform it and the whole world will see them dancing inside the PBB House. This is something to look forward to. Day 6 is up!

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