The 5th day of the Pinoy Big Brother All in landed on May 2, 2014 which is Labor Day in the country. Though there are business establishments closed and duties cancelled, things did not settle down inside the Big Brother House.

During this day Big Brother called Fourth, Jayme and Ranty inside the confession room. And since it was Labor Day, the three were given special task and that is by means of teaching housemates with regards to their professions. They need to pick one each.

We have learned from the profile of Jayme that she is a certified nurse by profession but a fine arts lover by the heart. She picked Maris and taught her of her profession. Fourth picked Joshua and by profession, he is a cook. With this he needed to share with expertise with his chosen student.

After the teaching, a challenge was given to them by means of application. This time Jayme and Maris needed to administer flu vaccine shots to all of the other housemates. A very challenging task though, but it was an indication that Jayme really taught Maris very well. It also gave value to her career being a nurse.

The tasks inside the Big Brother House are becoming tougher and they reveal each ones’ personality. We will know more about the housemates and their personalities and skills as time passed by. This is already the 5th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother House and we can look forward for more updates tomorrow. Let us see what will the other housemates will share about their lives and what part of themselves will be shared in order to transfer what they know. Truly the housemates are endowed with talents and skills and this was proven today, the 5th day. Keep reading this blog for more updates.

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