The previous night, Big Brother gave Jacob a task of choosing one housemate he believed to be needing a voice lesson and he picked Manolo. The two spent the evening learning a particular song. And since Jacob has the capacity to teach being a music prodigy, he exerted efforts in teaching Manolo because it comes with a prize – a lunch with Japanese dishes on his birthday.The two have chosen Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 as their song. The song served as wake-up call for the housemates.

On the same day, an update of Fourth and Fifth’s secret tasks were updated to Big Brother. The twin made an investigation about the alleged Michele – Nichole or Nichole – Vickie being the secret siblings. Big Brother instructed the housemates in the living room to unlock a padlocked chest which can be done by knowing the combination of the chest through adding all the siblings of the adult housemates and then subtracting it to the teen’s siblings and then multiplying to the celebrities’ siblings.

PBB All In Updates: Day 4 May 1, 2014 Fourth and Fifth Secret Task

The contents of the chest were photographs and gifts from their respective siblings. There was sharing about their siblings and with regards to their worth and importance. The twin “Fourth and Fifth,” still continued with their investigations in knowing who among the housemates are the secret siblings. This was given to them as tasks by Big Brother. With the activities, it shows that housemates value their families and that includes their siblings.

Will Fourth and Fifth be able to find out who among the housemates are secret siblings? Things are becoming more and more exciting inside the Big Brother House that is why you should not fail to watch for updates with regards to the reality show. Great job for Jacob and Manolo for the wake-up call. Be updated  with what’s happening inside by reading this site.

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