In the previous days, it was decided that the teens were the ones who will serve the regular and celebrity housemates and it has something to do with the order of importance. Since it was decided that they were the least important group of housemates, they have to go through rounds of services in order to accomplish their tasks up to this 31th day inside Pinoy Big Brother house.

The good thing was that Daniel Matsunaga was allowed by Big Brother to help the teens in becoming a servant. The regular housemates resumed on their weekly tasks also and that is the reason why the sharpener was repaired, this time Ranty has to do the weekly task also. The first one who did the weekly task were the celebrity housemates then followed by the teens.

PBB All In Updates Day 31 May 28, 2014 the weekly task of sharpening 3,000 pencils

There were six violators that have something to do with the lapel and each of them was given a wooden chair. The twist on the use of the wooden chair is that they can make use of these but they were not allowed to take this from their body. Later on, the punishment was revoked.

Going back to the weekly task of sharpening 3,000 pencils, the three leaders were only allowed to do this within 3 hours. When the housemates will succeed in this task, additional pencils will be given for them to sharpen but their time to do this will also be lengthened. The 31st day of the housemates was full of punishment and tasks. Will they survive the next day?

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