Last night, the housemates were confronted by Big Brother in order to give them a task of grouping themselves: regular, teen and celebrity, and they will be ranked according to importance. As a result, the teen housemates emerged as the least important that is why they will have to serve the housemates by means of doing the household chores.

Now, the teen housemates will start with their chores. In the morning of PBB ALL In day 30, the teens were busy doing the tasks that were assigned for them to do.

PBB All In Updates: Day 30 May 27, 2014

Aside from this, another issue was the violation committed by Vickie and Jayme and it has something to do with the lapel. This has caused Vickie, Jayme, Jacob, Michele, Alex and Aina not allowed to lie down on any furniture and even on the floor for 24 hours.

Big Brother then told that Vickie, Jayme and Manolo will be the team leaders for their new weekly task called Lapislide, the information was relayed through Vickie. The housemates will have to make a tower out of 50,000 sharpened pencils.

They will have to roll a ball into it to show into a small ring. Vickie made the decision of allowing the teen housemates first to do the task. Daniel made Fifth exercise on the couch but Big Brother has announced that it was prohibited for them to use the couch. This gave them terrible moments inside the house since the couches were their refuge and comfort and it has so many purposes for them.

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