This is the second day of the housemates without Axel inside the house. Now, they have to go on with their lives and continue with their tasks as challenges are up ahead for the remaining housemates. On the 29th day of the housemates inside the house, they were grouped according to their distinction so that Big Brother could confront them. The regular housemates, teen housemates and celebrity housemates were grouped separately. Their task was to rank another group according to importance. It means to say that they have to look at each housemate and analyze their importance.

With this, the celebrity housemates have the chance to rank the regular housemates. Then the teen housemates ranked the celebrity housemates while the regular housemates ranked the teen housemates.  There was a debate that took place but it was decided that the teen housemates are the least important and it means to say that they will have to serve as maids to the regular and celebrity housemates.

PBB All In Updates Day 29 May 26, 2014 Celebrity vs Teens vs Regular Housemates

This will make them do the household chores inside the PBB house. It is challenging on the part of the teen housemates as they work hard to serve the housemates that are older than them. Well, it’s a practice of seniority. 

The teen housemates have the chance to show to the world “servanthood” now that they are tasked to work. It is necessary for them to accomplish the task and that will determine their attitude of serving. Let us see if the regular and celebrity housemates, including Big Brother are satisfied with their service.

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