The PBB ALL IN 29th day has come and the BBN nomination system for third nomination night was stopped temporarily for a reason. There were changes for knowing this week’s nominees. This time, Daniel had the opportunity to open a box with 3 necklaces. There three necklaces indicate 3 nominees. With this, the group of Nichole was separated in two, one group was safe from being nominated. Each group stood in Daniel’s side either to left or fight.

Michele, Fifth, Vickie and Manolo stood on Daniel’s left while Maris, Jacob, Jane and Nichole stood on the right were up for the nomination. Nichole was saved in the end and the rest were nominated.

PBB All In Updates Day 28 May 25, 2014 the nominated were Maris Racal, Jacob Benedicto and Jane Oineza

The housemates who were not nominated can take a deep breath now but those who were nominated will have to go through a lot of times and pray that their supporters will do something for them double time so that they will not be evicted.

The housemates that is composed of different ages are all equal inside and they have to show to the world that they are worthy of staying inside the house. Cess, Chevin and Axel were already evicted and who do you think will be the next one to exit the house? We will see and that will be based on the support that was given by the supporters outside to let them stay inside the house. This time the nominated were Maris Racal, Jacob Benedicto and Jane Oineza. Cast your vote now and save your housemate of choice.

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