Previously, there were so many dramas inside the house with their respective emotional problems with their fellow housemates. It’s good thing that the issues were resolved among them and friendship is restored. This time, the housemates are ready to do a certain task that will test their agility and quickness of mind. The task is a game sponsored by Amaia Homes. Amaia Homes is owned by Amaia Lands which is a real estate in the Philippines. This is one of the sponsors of the housemates. The game was played in the activity and resort areas which is composed of three competing teams. The housemates were divided into three and they have to go through the entire obstacle and finish it in the fastest they could. The team with the smallest number of seconds accomplishing the activity will be the winner.

The game gave a lot of fun to the housemates that even allowed them to swim in the pool, run, shoot the ball, etc. the winning team finished the obstacle course in 52 seconds. Truly, there is so much excitement inside the PBB house and Amaia Homes added to it by their sponsorship of the said obstacle course.

After an exciting activity sponsored by Amaia Homes, the housemates will face another day, this time, it’s the 27th day. As usual, the housemates are dedicated to doing their daily tasks through their morning rituals. After this, there was an open forum for the nominated housemates and this included Alex. The content of the said open forum are the things that they don’t like about each other.

PBB All In Updates Day 27 May 24, 2014 Housemate Axel Torres Evicted in PBB All In 2nd Eviction Night

This was also the live eviction night wherein Axel Torres was evicted with only 19.42% of the votes gathered. There was sharing of emotions after Axel’s eviction that was done by Jane, Alex and Aina wherein they were close to Axel. Aina kept crying in the girls’ bedroom due to the fact that she missed Axel. It was an emotional moment for those who were close with Axel.

The housemates are deducted by one once again at it was not easy for them to let go of Axel. Well, things are becoming tougher this 27th day and expect more things to come in a few days. This time, let us congratulate Axel because this is just the beginning of everything for him.

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