Workout sessions for the two teams are still up this day and the two teams can be compared based on their energy level. Looking at the two teams, Loisa’s team looks energetic. They worked out as if they were enjoying each and every session while on the other hand, this was not the situation for Nichole’s team as they looked tired.

As what we can still remember yesterday, Loisa became emotional due to Maris’ decision of staying in its team. Loisa also confessed that she considered Maris to be her closest friend. And this time, Maris thought of talking with Loisa while she was resting. A hug made the two relieved who had problems with their feelings these days.

PBB All In Updates: Day 26 May 23, 2014 Loisa became emotional due to Maris’ decision of staying in its team

Nichol and Loisa gave thanks to their teammates for the efforts and for everything they have done in order to support the two. This happened before the final weigh-in. After the efforts, Big Brother announced that their weekly task was a success because their goal of making Nichole and Loisa loss at least 2% of their weight materialized.

As a result of their endeavors, Loisa weighed 107 pounds, a loss of 5.3% from 113 pounds. Nichole weighed 122.8 pounds, a loss of 4 %t from 129 pounds. This was an accomplished task for the housemates. Another thing that was quite an accomplishment for them was the reconciliation of Maris and Loisa as confirmed by Joshua. The two are okay now after the hug that took place when Maris confronted Loisa.

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