The workout sessions are still up on the 25th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother house. This time, Loisa’s and Nichole’s team were busy for their workouts and they have prepared early so that they could finish much during the day. A strap was placed by Aina on Loisa’s back and Fourth held her and Loisa received words of inspiration from Aina while everyone was resting.

Big Brother then talked to Loisa and she shared something about friendship. Loisa defined a friend as the one who will support someone always and with this, she considered Maris to be her closest friend. The housemates were given chances to change their team and this was something tough for them to do especially for Maris. Loisa became emotional when Maris, the one she considered to be her closest friend did not change team and she remained on her team.

PBB All In Updates Day 25 May 22, 2014 Loisa’s and Nichole’s team

Because of that, Maris was asked if she regret not changing her team and she said that she did not. No one among the housemates changed their team. On the weighing, Nichole weighed 125.6 pounds. Looking at this record, she has a loss of 1.8%. On the other hand, Loisa weighed 110.6 with a loss of 2.1%. Because of this, Loisa was appreciated by her team mates for her efforts. On the other hand, Maris was also appreciated for being matured on her decisions and this has led her to express her feelings and share her thoughts.

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