This was the 24th day of the housemates inside the PBB house and there was talking about the previous weekly task. Something was strange and in fact, Jacob and Jane were conscious of their breakfast. Things went by normally in a day as they started with their wake-up call up to their taking of breakfast and personal hygiene. Michele started a workout session. And it happened at the resort area. While doing this, Loisa was taught by Aina in the living room and she was asked later by Daniel to perform her own workout.

Something is strange also during the lunchtime as the housemates kept their eyes on Jacob. It seemed like Jacob was unaware of what he was doing and didn’t care about the weekly task. What he did was to eat even in the afternoon. Jacob felt hungry most of the times and he stops in between of the workouts.

PBB All In Updates: Day 24 May 21, 2014

The housemates were so busy doing their own workouts. This was the requirements of Big Brother for them to go back to their original weight when they entered the PBB house because of his concern with their health.

Loisa did not change in weight in. Nichole’s weight decreased by 1 pound. The two will continue their weekly tasks. The housemates will choose now who among the two will get the support and nobody chose Loisa. The housemates who chose Nichole were Manolo, Jacob, Fifth and Jacob. Nichole confessed to Big Brother that she felt bad about what happened to the Loisa.

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