Cess’ things were brought by Aina into the storage room. It was past midnight when she did this. Then came the 2nd nomination which was aired live in the evening episode of the PBB All In. There was an announcement that Aina wa publicly nominated and Michele got the highest score for the nomination.

On the other hand, something surprised the housemates when they woke up in the morning. They went to the pool and have seen someone with good body built lying sleep in a bed at the middle of the pool. It was Daniel Matsunaga the “Hunk of the World ng Makati” a Brazilian – Japanese housemate. The task of the housemates now is to have an adult housemate representative to kiss him so that he will wake up which was given by Big Brother as a clue. According to Big Brother "How will you wake up a sleeping Prince?" and that gave the housemates an idea on what to do.

PBB All In Updates: Day 22 May 19, 2014 Aina kissed Daniel Matsunage but he didn’t wake up

Aina kissed Daniel but he didn’t wake up. This made the adult housemates kiss him and that woke him up. After this, he got up and went back to the confession room where he was instructed to meet every housemate at the “Magic Corridor.” Daniel gave each of the housemates he met a ball which has a clue of the event that will take place in the evening and it was a pool party. The housemates were glad that someone was added after losing Cess and Chevin.

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