This is the first day after the very first eviction night that caused the housemates to become emotional for their loss of two of their companions namely Cess and Chevin. Big Brother then instructed the housemates to pack up their belongings. There was sadness in the room and it was obvious in the faces of the housemates because it was the very first time for them to experience losing co-housemates.

Because of sadness, the housemates managed to make some jokes just to ease the burden. Big Brother then suddenly made an announcement telling about the errors or violations the housemates have committed which include Alex, Manolo and Axel. Because of this, the three were automatically nominated for the 2nd eviction but Alex was as celebrity houseguest so only Manolo and Axel were nominated together with Aina and Michelle.

PBB All In Updates: Day 21 May 18, 2014 nominated for the 2nd eviction

The best thing that happened on the 18th day was there was a rumor that a celebrity housemate will enter the house and there was a teaser video on the television about this person. Well, this person will be revealed tomorrow on the 22nd day. Meanwhile, the housemates kept on talking about the sudden exit of Cess and they have shown their sadness still.

The housemates continued with their tasks despite the fact that they were not complete anymore. They knew that they will come to this point. As weeks pass by, one by one, they will vanish inside the house until one grand winner will remain. What happened to Cess served as a reminder to the housemates that they should be cautious of their behavior inside the house in order not to commit mistakes that will cause them eviction.

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