This is probably one of the most thrilling nights in PBB All In history because day 20 is the first eviction night of PBB All In.  The thrill was on for the first three nominees namely Maris, Loisa and Chevin. Now, they have to wait for the result of the voting to know who among them has the lowest vote. The supporters of the housemates can save them by following a procedure given by PBB in order to vote. It’s all up to the voters who among the housemates will be saved.

The 20th day was also the day when the third webisode of the housemates was uploaded on the official site. The housemates were unaware of what will happen that day and they were surprised. Chevin was evicted due to the fact that he got the lowest vote among the three while Cess experienced force eviction due to several house violations. 

PBB All In Updates: Day 20 May 17, 2014 Cess and Chevin Eviction

It was an unexpected revelation by Big Brother that really gave Cess a dramatic exit of the PBB House. Cess thanked her supporters and her family comforted her telling her that there are so many opportunities up ahead and maybe this is not your time. Cess then accepted what happened and learned from it.

The housemates were also emotional inside the house because of the sudden loss of two of them namely Cess and Chevin. Life has to go on for the housemates for there are so many things to look forward to while they are inside the PBB house.

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