The 19th day is one of the most special days inside the PBB house. This is due to the fact that Kpop star Sandara Park entered the PBB House as a celebrity houseguest. Because of Sandara’s entry in the house, Big Brother made changes on the third webisode of the housemates into Koreanovela. Preparation of costumes was done by the housemates.

Another thing that took place inside the PBB house was several changes took place in the weekly tasks of the housemates. As far as we can remember, Sandara became a houseguest also in PBB Celebrity Edition 1 and she has seen big changes inside the house. She talked to the housemates, made fun with them, danced with them and took pictures with them. It was a day that the housemates could not forget having Sandara inside the house.

PBB All In Updates: Day 19 May 16, 2014 Sandara’s entry in the house

The housemates asked her questions and she answered in Tagalog. The housemates could not believe that they will meet the Kpop sensation in person inside the PBB house. Sandara spent a day with them and then she left. After she left, the housemates still kept on talking about her.

In the evening, Big Brother gave the three nominees, Loisa, Maris and Chevin special tasks. Big brother called Loisa in the confession room and he told Loisa to do something for Manolo which was to say “I love you” and kiss him because this was what she picked. It was challenging for Loisa to do this and it has caused Joshua to have an awkward feeling with Manolo though he said that he was not angry with Manolo.

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