The 18th day has arrived and this time the second webisode was uploaded. Yesterday, the first one was uploaded to the official website. The prank never stopped as the boys had lots of ideas to do this to the girls. This time, Axel sprayed fish sauce on the girl’s windows. The fish sauced smelled bad that caught the attention of the girls. The boys did not admit that they were the ones who did this. As a consequence, Aina get mad at Joshua.

The incident stopped the housemates doing pranks for a while. The talk was serious inside the boys’ bedroom and the topic was Jane. She moved to the girls’ bedroom in order to share her emotions with Michel and Aina. At first, there was a suspicion in the mind of Cess that Jane was mad at her because of Jane’s stare at her. Cess then shared her emotions about Jane to Axel and talked about what could probably happen if she will make a confrontation with Jane.

PBB All In Updates: Day 18 May 15, 2014

The good thing about this day was that Jane and Axel reconciled. Big Brother then called the housemates in the confession room in order to remind them about the law in the rulebook about the cleanliness of the room. Big Brother also said that that all forms of jokes should have limitations.

There were so many lessons for this day alone. The housemates are so concerned now with their attitudes and obedience to the rules that they need to follow.

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