The 17th day has arrived and there are so many challenges up ahead for the housemates to go through. This time the first webisode was uploaded to the official site. There are several webisodes to shoot that is why they are busy for it. While the housemates are busy for the shooting of their webisodes, Manolo and Vickie’s mother were in charge of cooking their dinner. 

The housemates were in the picnic area and they do not know that there were two mothers cooking for them except Chevin. Chevin was called by Big Brother and he was instructed by him to tell Maris that Chevin was in the confession room and they were not allowed to leave the picnic area without Big Brother’s consent. Because this, Maris covered the entrance area of the house with cloth so that no housemates can enter or peep through it.

PBB All In Updates: Day 17 May 14, 2014 two mothers cooking for them

The housemates were curious when Chevin entered the picnic area not on time. When they had their dinner, they were surprised that it was already cooked. Vickie had no idea that her mother was responsible for it.

A series of pranks were made by the housemates to each other. The group of boy housemates made a prank by shouting to the girl’s bedroom while the girls, Alex and Aina to be exact put heads of fish in tissue and placed them under the boys’ pillows. A peanut butter was also placed in one of the boys’ underwear that looked like feces. These led to confrontation the next day.

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