Things are becoming tough inside the PBB House as we enter on its 11th day. We can still recall the task that was given by Big Brother to the housemates about the “selfie thing and this is the continuation.

This time, Big Brother put a twist on their task and introduced it to them. This time, the roulette should be spin followed by the tossing of the dice. The result could be the kind of selfie that the housemates will do. There are is a face on top that will oblige them to wear such attire. If they will be able to get “free” face, they are allowed to wear anything. Five of the possible results will push them to wear a certain costume.

This day, there was a violation committed by some of the housemates that caused Big Brother to be angry to them. The said housemates are Aina, Nichole, Alex, Kevin and Axel. Their violations are they slept after the wake-up call and it has something to do also with their lapel. Because of this, Big Brother told the housemates that the selfies taken for the day will not count in the final tally.

The punishment for the five housemates who committed violations was that they were the only housemates who will continue with their weekly tasks on that day. Michelle and Cess were instructed not to help them. Another twist in the selfie task is that no one is allowed to step down from the platform because this will result to their selfies being discounted for the day.

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