Yesterday, there was a conflict between Axel and Alex and Michele and Axel because of the issue on the chips. And this is another day to see what will happen to the housemates inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. This is the 10th day of the housemates inside.

The action started in the morning of the 10th day when Alex and Fifth started their talk show. This was the talk show that they have planned yesterday regarding the showbiz headlines. There were series of interviews to be made by the two and the first one to be interviewed was Nichole. During the interview, Nichole discussed her relationship with her mother, Phoemela Baranda who is a model and t.v. personality. Manolo then threw a question to Nichole about her mother and this was after the talk show.

That day, Alex and Michele were called by Big Brother in order for them to see Nichole’s pictures. Two pictures were shown and they thought it was an ordinary picture of Nichole but sooner they have seen Nichole’s picture showing her middle finger. They then confronted Nichole in the girl’s bedroom, showed her the picture and Nichole realized that she made a mistake before. Nichole’s realization came from the past that it is not good to post anything scandalous in social media just like her picture with her middle finger. Others will have negative connotation on such. Nichole learned a great lesson and she wanted to change.

The day was full of challenges for the housemates as things were revealed and their attitudes were tested by each and every challenge they face. There are so many things yet to uncover in the next few days inside the Big Brother House and as days pass by, they are getting close to the very first nomination of possible evictee. 

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