Pinoy Big Brother House has officially opened on April 27, 2014. The very first housemates who were introducted in advanced through ASAP 19 were Axel Torres and Jane Oineza and through the Buzz ng Bayan were Cess Visitacion, Nicholoe Baranda and Kevin Cecilio.

The kick-off of the show is also the first day of the housemates inside the Big Brother House and they will spend a 100 days inside the house together with different personalities. One of the most catching and remarkable entry in the Big Brother House was the inclusion of Alex Gonzaga (Toni Gonzaga’s sister) as one of the housemates. Before the show, Alex was confirmed to be one of the hosts of the show called Pinoy Big Brother: All In Uber.

PBB All In Updates: Day 1 April 28, 2014

The reason for this is that Big Brother would like Alex to experience being inside the house in order to become an effective host. We can still remember the time when her sister Toni also spent how many days inside the Big Brother House and this is quite the same. The number of days Alex will spend inside the house is not yet announced though there are hearsays that she might spend there for a hundred days just like a normal housemate.

The first day inside the Big Brother House became a welcome pool party for the housemates. The housemates roamed inside the house in order to familiarize with its facilities. They were instructed also to get their luggages inside the storage room. Alex differ from them because aside from the fact that she didn’t have a luggage to take just like the housemates, she was called by Big Brother in order to get her personal luggage that only contains a pair of underwear.

This is the highlight of the 1st day inside the Big Brother House.

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