The 2nd day started with a theme song played inside the Big Brother House. The same song “Pinoy Ako” was played, only there was a modification done with the song. This became their wake-up call in order to start another day full of excitement and surprises inside the Big Brother House.

The housemates took their breakfast and were instructed by Big Brother to take a shower with a limited time only. Giving their weekly tasks followed after the shower and it was called Hating Kapatid” and they needed to divide everything inside the Big Brother house including their household chores, foods, and the like. Five mistakes were only allowed for the task. The housemates already committed two mistakes because they did not share their lunch equally and another one is due to the fact that they ate chips.

PBB All In Updates: Day 2 April 29, 2014

There was a strict implementation of rules and regulations inside the Big Brother House and the housemates need to abide with them. It is becoming tougher as days passes by. The housemates are conscious now that they have committed mistakes not to commit another one again because they are only allowed a few mistakes.

What could possibly happen after they committed all five mistakes? Well, we do not know still and the housemates are still on the lookout of their actions in order to abide with Big Brother House rules. The tasks given by Big Brother is a test on which among them will be able to follow instructions and execute them well. The housemates are still trying to know each other since this was just the second day of being inside the Big Brother House
What could possibly happen on the next day? Well, keep watching PBB All In or read from this site for more updates about the most famous House in the country.

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