The 16th day for the housemates inside the Big Brother house is here and challenges are up ahead. Today, a hand was lent a hand on the mother of Joshua with in cooking food for him. This was done without the knowledge of the housemates. What Loisa did was she returned to room after helping Joshua’s mother without disturbing the housemates and giving them a hint or idea of what she was doing. The housemates were sleeping that time.

Then came breakfast and Joshua’s was puzzled and it was evident on his face. This was regarding to the person who cooked the special breakfast for him. There were speculations and suspicion that it was Loisa who was behind the cooking of the food. In fact, most of the housemates suspected here but Joshua was not convinced, he kept on thinking.

PBB All In Update: Day 16 May 13, 2014

Joshua was brought by Maris and Loisa in the picnic area in the evening according to the instruction of Big Brother. The housemates should not know about this. Joshua was unaware that her mother was there, hiding behind the camera mirrors of the said picnic area where he was asked to dance Pandango sa Ilaw by Big Brother. The scene reached its climax when her mother went out of the back of the camera and hugged him.

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