The 15th day has come and there were already 3 housemates who were nominated for possible eviction. Now that things are getting tougher for the housemates inside the PBB house, they need to be aware of their each and every movement inside because the whole world is watching. As far as what we can remember, one of the housemates was nominated by the people.

Something happened inside the Big Brother House and it was the entrance of Manolo, Joshua and Vickie’s mothers. They were welcomed by Big Brother and tasked to clean the rooms of the housemates. The housemates were unaware of what was happening. With this, Maris, Loisa and Chevin were told to help the mothers with their tasks. Big Brother instructed them that no other housemates should know such thing of shall see them.

PBB All In Update: Day 15 May 12, 2014 the entrance of Manolo, Joshua and Vickie’s mothers

The task was a success and that gave Manolo, Joshua and Vickie the opportunity to talk to their mothers and one thing, 50% of the weekly budget of these housemates will be given to them. Everyone was busy inside the house. The housemates were practicing for their webisodes inside the activity room and on the other hand, the mothers were busy cleaning up their bedrooms.

Loisa was then called by Big Brother in the evening informing her about her task of helping Joshua’s mother cook their breakfast the next day. Big Brother instructed her that this should be hidden from the other housemates.

PBB All In is becoming more and more exciting since it is already the 15th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother House.

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