This is already the 14th day of the housemates inside the Big Brother house and this is the beginning of the biggest challenge in their stay inside. And that is by means of nominating who will be the possible evictees inside the house. But first, let us look at what happened for this day.

Joshua, Loisa and Maris were called by Big Brother in order for them to teach the housemates the song “A Song for Mama” by Boyz II men. The song talks about love of a mother which is suitable for the Mother’s Day celebration. One thing that happened inside the house in the afternoon was having a picnic in the activity area and the requirement for them was that they should wear shirts containing a picture of their mother. There was sharing afterwards during the picnic about the housemates’ experiences with their mothers.

The activity taught them to value their mothers well especially during the moment when they were singing the song that they have practiced. This was the essence of their activity and the housemates were learning a lot from it.

Then the evening came when the housemates will have to choose who among the housemates will be nominated for possible eviction. As a result, Chevin and Maris were nominated by the housemates and Loisa was nominated by the public. The first three nominees need support from the fans so that they will be saved from possible eviction.

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