Yesterday, we have learned about the twist in the selfies of the housemates through the platforms that was placed in the living room and this is another day set for us to know what could happen now that it’s already the 13th day of the housemates inside. The day started with their wake up call, eating of breakfast and taking a bath which were normally done by the housemates.

It was Vickie’s birthday and a surprise was given by her brother. We have known through the profile of Vickie that her brother has Down syndrome and it’s a challenge for the family, including Vickie. Several short video messages were shown to her and that made her day. She became emotional watching the video messages of her brother.

PBB All In Update: Day 13 May 9 ,2014 - Nominado Ako, Vickie’s birthday

The thrill is on as the housemates gathered in the living room have seen small LED message board. The said boards have a message saying “Nominado Ako.” It was positioned at the center of the living room and an information was passed to them concerning their participation in the first nomination later. This was one of the hardest part of being a housemate because you will come to the point of choosing whom to nominate.

The housemates are still trying to know each other though they are already on the 13th day of being inside the PBB house. Now, who do you think will be nominated first? Well, let us know. Keep reading this blog and watching PBB for updates.

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